Characteristics of stainless steel products

Material: SS304&SS316Working Temperature: -80℃~538℃Flammability: Fire retardantIs it UV resistant: YesProduct description: Metallic tie body wit…

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Usage of stainless steel

1. Place the stainless steel tie in the open groove of the knife edge and the rotating shaft.2. Move the gear handle back and forth and tighten the sta…

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Stainless steel selection

1. First of all, it is necessary to confirm the working condition of binding objects, whether it is a corrosive environment or an ordinary natural envi…

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How to identify the quality of ties

HOW TO DISTINGUSH THE QUALITY OF NYLON CABLE TIESOut of easy-understanding, the basic factor to distingush the quality of the cable tie is the thicknes…

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Raw material PA66

Properties of Polyamide (PA66)Polyamide is one of the important synthetic thermoplastic materials. Because it is not easy to renature at high temperatu…

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