How to keep your cable tie work well?

Hello my friends,

Do you need to use cable ties in your daily life? Here is some tips for you to keep cable ties performs better in your daily life.

Don’t be in a hurry to unpack it, because today we will tell you some maintenance tips, so that you can save costs and prolong the service life!

First, remember to keep it sealed! Why? Because once the nylon cable tie is in contact with the air for a long time, it will absorb water and the tension will become weaker, and its performance will definitely not be as good as the cable tie stored in a sealed state. So in order to make your nylon cable ties more durable, remember to put them in a box, or put them in a sealed plastic bag.

Of course, in addition to the above maintenance skills,  you can use different colored tie ties to distinguish different types of items. Or, use colorful nylon zip ties on your cables to make your job more efficient and save you from having to struggle to find wire ends!

I hope the above tips are helpful to you and make your experience more enjoyable! If you have other tips, please share them with everyone in the comment area.



Post time: Sep-04-2023