Metal Detectable Cable Ties Applied in the Pharmaceutical Processing Industries.

Blue cable ties made of metal detectable nylon materials offer a variety of features and benefits that make them ideal for specific applications.

Color aids detection: The blue color of the cable tie makes it easy to visually identify, especially in areas with complex wiring or machinery.
Flame Retardant: The cable ties are flame retardant to provide greater safety in case of fire.
Greatly Reduced Contamination Risk: The use of metal detectable nylon greatly reduces the risk of contamination in sensitive industries such as food processing, packaging and pharmaceuticals.
Halogen-free: The cable ties do not contain halogen materials, which further reduces the risk of harmful emissions in the event of a fire.

MAGNETIC AND X-RAY DETECTABLE: The metallic pigments contained in the tie make it detectable by metal detection equipment and X-ray machines, ensuring that the tiny cut sections of the tie can be identified.

Tensile Strength: The cable ties have a tensile strength of 225N, strong and reliable to hold cables and wires in place. Can be used as part of the HACCP process: The cable ties meet the requirements of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) of the food safety management system and are suitable for use in the food processing industry.
Applications for this cable tie include: Electrical Wiring Applications: Cable ties can be used to secure and organize wires and cables in a variety of environments.

Food Processing Industry: Due to their metal detectable properties and resistance to contamination, cable ties are ideal for use in food processing environments where food safety is paramount.

Packaging Applications: Cable ties can be used during the packaging process to secure and bind products, ensuring proper handling and shipping.

Pharmaceutical Industry: The metal detectable and anti-contamination properties of cable ties make them suitable for the pharmaceutical industry where maintaining a sterile environment is critical.

Overall, blue cable ties made of metal detectable nylon have key features and benefits that make them a solid choice for wiring installations and industries with specific requirements for safety, contamination control and detectability.

Post time: Sep-04-2023