Raw Material Stainless Steel (SS-316, SS-304, SS201)


• Highest Tensile Strength
• SS-316 is standard Mo(Molybdenum) added austenitic stainless steel. Addition of Mo (Molybdenum) increases general corrosion resistance.
• Resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride environments.
• High Temperature Strength
• Excellent inter-granular corrosion resistance during welding.
• Excellent inter-granular corrosion resistance at elevated temperature.


• Higher Tensile Strength
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• Higher Formability
• Deep Draw-ability
• Weldability
• Corrosion Resistance
• Superior yield strength at a lower cost



SS- 201 type steels are lean nickel alloy austenitic stainless steel designed as a cost effective solution for301 grades in various applications.

Sr. No. SS-316 SS-304 SS-201
1 Highest Tensile Strength Medium Tensile Strength Higher Tensile Strength
2 Best Corrosion Resistance Better Corrosion Resistance Good Corrosion Resistance
3 Highest Formability Higher Formability High Formability
4 Deepest Draw-ability Deeper Draw-ability Deep Draw-ability
5 Best Yield Strength Better Yield Strength Good Yield Strength
6 Excellent inter-granularcorrosion resistance duringwelding Better inter-granular corrosionresistance during welding Good inter-granular corrosionresistance during welding
7 Excellent inter-granularcorrosion resistance atelevated temperature Better inter-granular corrosionresistance at elevated temperature Good inter-granular corrosionresistance at elevated temperature

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