Stainless steel ties characteristics and surface material

Stainless steel tie characteristics

1, stainless steel ties surface film is damaged in many forms, daily life is more common in the following kinds!
2, the surface of stainless steel ties containing other metal elements of the dust or foreign metal particle pull attachment, in the humid air, the attachment and stainless steel ties between the condensation, the two will be connected into a micro battery, triggering an electrochemical reaction, the protective film is damaged, known as electrochemical corrosion.
3, stainless steel tie surface adhesion of organic matter juice (such as squash, noodle soup, spit, etc.), in the case of water, constitutes an organic acid, a long time then organic acid corrosion of the metal surface 3, stainless steel tie surface adhesion containing acid, alkali, salt substances (such as decoration wall of alkali water, lime water spray), causing local corrosion.
4, in polluted air (such as containing a large number of hydrophobic, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide atmosphere), encounter condensation, the formation of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid liquid point, causing chemical corrosion

Second, the surface requirements of stainless steel ties

1, must be cleaned and scrubbed by the hall on the surface of the decorative stainless steel strip steel belt, to remove adhesions and eliminate external causes triggering the modification of the table
2, the beach area to use 316 stainless steel ties, 316 material can resist seawater corrosion.
3, the market some stainless steel tie tube chemical composition can not meet the corresponding national standards, not up to 304 material requirements, so it will also cause rust, which requires users to carefully select a reputable manufacturer’s products.
The characteristics of the stainless steel ties we produce, in fact, stainless steel ties continue the characteristics of stainless steel

Three, the quality of stainless steel ties specific performance in which some aspects?

1, stainless steel ties have good corrosion resistance and are more durable than ordinary steel
2, stainless steel cable ties because of the surface treatment, so easy, simple maintenance.
3, stainless steel ties of room temperature processing, that is, easy plastic processing
4, The high strength of stainless steel ties makes it possible to use thin plates.
5, The corrosion resistance of stainless steel ties is good.
6, The surface of stainless steel ties is beautiful and the possibilities of use are diversified.
7, Stainless steel ties are resistant to high temperature oxidation and have high strength, therefore they are resistant to fire.
8, The stainless steel ties are clean and have a high finish.
9, Good welding performance of stainless steel ties.

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