Tips to Maintain the Quality and Effectiveness of Nylon Cable Ties for an Extended Period.

For the best storage of nylon cable ties, it is recommended to store them in a natural environment with a temperature of about 23°C and an ambient humidity of more than 50%. This helps prevent the cable tie from being exposed to excessive heat sources, such as electric heaters or radiators.

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Also, it is important to avoid direct exposure to sunlight. If exposure to sunlight is unavoidable, it is recommended to use anti-aging cable ties to ensure its durability. Do not open the package prematurely before using the cable tie. After opening the package, it is recommended to use the cable tie in time. If you find that you will not be able to use all the cable ties for a short period of time, it is recommended to remove them from the packaging and store them separately.


It is worth noting that the raw materials for the production of heat-resistant nylon cable ties contain organic chemical copper. Over time, you may notice some color change and an increase in the color of the cable ties. This change is a natural phenomenon caused by external factors and does not affect the fundamental quality of nylon materials. So if you find that your cable ties are turning yellow, there is no need to worry as this will not affect its performance or functionality.

Post time: Sep-04-2023